• Our Short Story •

It’s a story about the way we imagine the future

About US

SynergyO Academy came out as a natural step in our vision’s evolution.

We are a company recently founded by two orthodontists: Dr Ioan and Adina Barbur, who, after years of practice and following many courses in order to perfect themselves in orthodontics, realised that the field of orthodontics is much more complex and so it needs a complete, multidisciplinary approach.

Their experience got them through different fields, like general dentistry, prosthetics, aesthetics, occlusion, TMJ, physiotherapy, neurology, general medicine, endocrinology and posturology.

That being said, the company’s mission is to gather all the information from the best teachers of all these related fields and to share it with all our collegues, because, as medical professionals, the best way that we can treat patients is by working in perfect synergy with a performant team.

So this is who we are: Synergy Orthodontics Academy –  in essence –  SynergyO Academy

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