SynergyO Academy brings you the theoretical and hands-on course of the well-known Prof. Dr. Mariano Rocabado.

Reccommended to orthodontists, dentists, maxillofacial surgeons, rehabilitation physicians, physiotherapists – 20 seats available for specialists.

We have the pleasure to be a part of this next course, that will consist of several Sessions:

Craniocervical and craniomandibular dysfunctions – Diagnosis and approach to treating temporomandibular joint.

We’ll have a 10-day workshop divided in 2 big Sessions. 


  • Early Bird Package 4900€ + TVA (3rd of August 2023)
  • Normal Price: 6000€ + TVA

Save the dates

  • 1st Session12th – 16th of September 2023
  • 2nd Session: 28th November – 2nd of December 2023

Location: SynergyO Academy, Andrei Muresanu 8 Street, Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

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Craniocervical mandibular and temporomandibular joint connection occiput (C0) / Atals (C1) – AXIS (C2)

  • Craniomandibular (50%) and craniovertebral (50%) congruent centric relation concept
  • Joint and occlusal dusfunction diagnosis and etiologic causes
  • High Resolution Tomography Rocabado Protocol
  • Trigeminal Cervical Nucleous
  • Dr. Rocabado’s Synovial Temporomandibular joint pain map
  • Joint Intracapsular Progression
  • Musculoskeletal and orthopedic therapeutic approach introduction

Synovial Temporomandibular Joint

Joint and Disc Pathology

  • Introduction to intracapsular Disc Pathologies: Condilar Disc Subluxation, Disc Temporal Subluxation
  • Parafunction and facial craniovertebral pain
  • Progression of joint degenerative pathology
  • Orthopeadic Manual Physical Therapy in cranio-vertebral-mandibular dysfunctions: Trigemino Cervical Nucleous
  • Joint musculo-skeletal approach to treatment. Prepare joints for treatment orthopaedic
  • Orthopaedic manual therapy in joint pathology. Joint distraction.
  • Dr. Rocabado’s Roll Back Technique for Disc Reduction
  • Initial Approach to treatment of Atlas – Axis and C3

Soft and Myofascial Tissues

Muscular Pathology and Synovial TMJ (STMJ)

  • Craniofacial pain of cervical spine origin
  • Cranio Vertebral column therapeutic techniques for treatment of Cranio Mandibular and Headaches of Cervical origin
  • Mioaponeurosis miofascial pain
  • Importance of the soft tissues and their influence in the stability and instability of the cervical column and occlusal craniomandibular system
  • Dr. Rocabado’s interfibrilar Counter irritative musculoskeletal stimulation (EICMER), Clinical cases. Intramuscular Technique demonstration.
  • Disautonomy
  • Revision of relevant scientific statements (for home review)
  • Discussion of atypical situations
  • Case Studies

Integration of contents

  • Facial asymmetry and cervical column High Resolution Tomography
  • Clinical Cases
  • Craniomandibular and craniocervical postural equilibrium
  • Static atlas and Axis syndrome
  • Clasification of functional disorders of the temporomandibular sinovial joint. Static or Immobile Disc
  • Imaging: High Resolusion Tomography, MRI and Joint Dynamics
  • Orthognatic Surgey: Two case studies review
  • Planning and treatment of TMJ musculature from the dentist’s point of view: classic and digital protocol.

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